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Revolutionize your business' digital journey with SmartSitesAI — where simplicity meets affordability, and maintenance is always on the house!

In the digital-first era, a top-tier website is more than a luxury—it's a necessity.


Why splurge on exorbitant fees when you can achieve premium quality without the premium price?

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Kickstart your online journey with our Startup package, tailored for businesses just starting out.

  • Custom domain

  • Reliable hosting

  • User-friendly website template

  • Easy customization

  • Ongoing support



Elevate your online presence with our Growth package, ideal for businesses aiming to scale up and expand their reach.

  • Custom domain

  • Premium hosting

  • Attractive website template

  • Advanced analytics

  • SEO optimization

  • E-commerce capabilities

  • Continuous support



Establish a robust online presence with our Enterprise package, tailored for businesses in need of a comprehensive and fully-featured website.

  • Custom domain

  • Premium hosting

  • Highly customizable website template

  • Powerful analytics

  • SEO optimization

  • Advanced ecommerce capabilities

  • Ongoing and dedicated support

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