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Define the Goals of the Marketing Plan
Before you start creating a detailed marketing plan, it’s important to understand the goals you are trying to achieve. This will help guide the rest of the plan and provide a basis for evaluating the success of your strategies.

Research Your Target Audience
Before you can create a comprehensive marketing plan, you need to have a thorough understanding of your target audience. Do some research, ask questions, and develop a clear picture of who your target customers are and what they need and expect from your business.

Determine Your Budget and Pricing
Now that you have a better understanding of your target market, you need to decide how much you can afford to spend on marketing. Set a budget and pricing plan that will allow you to reach your desired audience without breaking the bank.

Develop a Marketing Strategy
Once you have set a budget and pricing plan, you can start developing a marketing strategy. Consider different tactics such as SEO, email marketing, content marketing, and social media, and decide which ones best fit your goals and budget.

Implement Your Plan
Once you have developed your marketing strategy, you can start implementing the plan. Create a timeline for each tactic and assign tasks to team members. Monitor the results of each tactic and adjust your plan as needed.

Evaluate Your Results
Once you have implemented your plan, it’s important to evaluate the results. Analyze the data and look for ways to improve your strategy. This will help you stay on track and ensure that your marketing plan is successful.

The cost for our agency to create a detailed marketing plan will vary depending on the size and scope of your project. For a basic plan, you can expect to pay between $2,000-$5,000.

For a more extensive plan, prices can range between $5,000-$15,000.

We offer free, no obligation consultations.



Wise Roots LLC provides comprehensive marketing plan creation services to help organizations reach their goals. We specialize in crafting comprehensive marketing plans that include comprehensive market research, executive summaries, competitive analysis, SWOT analysis, and goal setting, as well as identifying target markets, developing messaging and positioning, and creating an actionable plan. Our team of experienced marketing professionals will work with you to develop a customized plan that meets your specific needs and objectives. We also provide ongoing support, allowing you to make the necessary adjustments over time in order to reach your desired results.

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